Danielle Laferrière

Danielle Laferrière, osteopath, DO, MROQ, works as a body-mind therapist, a teacher of mindfulness, Qi Gong and Chinese Energetic for over 25 years. She gave workshops in France, Costa Rica and Quebec. She is a Hakomi therapist and trainer certified by Ron Kurtz and give training in Hakomi in Quebec. She has a degree from the Fine Arts School of Montreal, and studied Art Education and Theater at UQUAM.
Danielle lives with her husband Hersh Gottheil near St-Sauveur (45min. from Montreal), where she teaches Hakomi with her partner, and has her practice in a workshop space at the edge of the forest.
She sees the Hakomi method as a thread that ties oriental wisdom together with current western appreciation of how mind, spirit and body relate.


Danielle Laferrière

   Hersh Gottheil


Hersh Gottheil

Hersh Gottheil has been a practicing counselor and therapist since 1987. He holds a Certificate in Adult Education and Counseling from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education where he trained in Psychosynthesis, Group Process and Art Therapy. In 1988 he moved to Ashland Oregon and studied Hakomi with founder Ron Kurtz. Qi Gong, meditation and retreats are active and integral parts of his life. Hersh is a Certified Hakomi Trainer and works with individuals, couples and groups. He lives in Saint-Sauveur Quebec (where the road ends and the forest begins) and collaborates with his wife Danielle teaching The Hakomi Method.

“There is a wonderful potential for real transformation when people feel safe, respected and supported… Hakomi offers that and more”.


   Roland Bérard

Roland Berard is a certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer. He has been studying with Donna Martin, Ron Kurtz and Greg Johanson, since 2002. In 2003, in collaboration with Donna Martin, he introduced Hakomi to the Montreal area and has assisted Donna and served as organizer of these bilingual trainings for the last 6 years. He continues to support the Hakomi community in the area.
Roland is also a graduate of Barbara Brennan School of Healing practitioner and teacher training programs, a Reiki Master /Teacher and a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Roland worked as an engineer and project manager for over 25 years before making the career change to therapist and healing practitioner in 2001.
Roland is totally bilingual and has a private practice in Montreal, Québec, Canada. His passion for healing and his unique way of combining these different approaches help his clients move towards health and well-being.


Certified Hakomi Practitioners in Quebec

Ball Wendy  wendy.ball@yahoo.com

Belair Jacqueline (Laval) jb1123208@bell.net

Bérard Roland (Montreal) info@rolandberard.com

Charney Maya (Montreal) mayarachelle@gmail.com

Dumouchel Andrée (Montreal) adumouchel@videotron.ca

Gottheil Hersh (St-Sauveur) hershinthesun@hotmail.com

Halikas Irène (Quebec) eneri@mediom.com

Laferrière Danielle (St-Sauveur) danielle.laferriere@me.com

St-Pierre Solange (Montreal) s.stpierre@videotron.ca


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